Feed Your Family for $25/Year

Year after year we have recommended varieties of vegetables for their great taste or unique traits. Last year we told you that you can feed your family for $25 a year. We were serious. With $25 worth of vegetable seeds and a 50 ft. by 50 ft. garden (2500 square feet) you can grow an amazing garden full of healthy and inexpensive vegetables. All it takes is a little effort and a little know-how. We’ll provide the know-how (and everything you need to make it happen), and you make the effort.

Start by using local seeds. At Anderson’s Seed and Garden we search out the best seed growers all over the world and try to provide the best seeds for Cache Valley at the best prices you can find anywhere. When compared with other retail and wholesale seed sources online and in catalogs, our prices are consistently the lowest we can find anywhere. Sure, there might be a few varieties you can find for less, but overall, pound for pound, we provide superior seeds in a retail size, at wholesale prices. Buying in bulk costs less, you get the quantity you need, and the seed is always fresh and ready to sprout. Whether you have years of experience or you’re just starting your first garden, we (and our experienced staff) can teach you how to be more successful in your garden. Come see us soon! The seeds are all here and Spring Planting Time is upon us!

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  • Cillendor says:

    So is 2,500 sq ft really enough for a family of four? I’ve seen estimates ranging from 2,500-4,000. Also, if I were to build a greenhouse and plant year-round, couldn’t I just stagger the timing of when I plant everything to have it growing fresh, rather than going through the process of canning everything?

  • admin says:

    A 50 x 50 garden will produce a lot of harvest. It really depends on what you prefer to eat, favorites, etc. For example, if you don’t like potatoes, or if you don’t think you have enough room to grow them, substitute what you like or buy a 50# bag at the farmers market in October when they sell for $15. It’s totally customizable to what you like to eat. As for the greenhouse, there are a lot of things that do well year round in a small greenhouse or cold-frame. Most of the cold crops, leafy greens do well through the winter, but peppers and tomatoes are high maintenance, difficult to keep alive without a lot of extra energy output for heat, and low light levels make them stop producing. Lots to consider. Thanks for reading and commenting!