Hello world!

Welcome to the first ever, official blog post of Anderson’s Seed & Garden. It seems as if winter will never quit, and spring will never arrive. But, believe it or not, I’ve heard birds chirping in the morning for the last two weeks, and I can see willows and dogwoods starting to show their first signs of spring color. Those have to be good signs, right? A few days in the upper 40′s and we’ll be singing the songs of spring! Just a few reminders: it’s a great time to get outside and prune the fruit trees, especially when the sun is shining. Don’t want to do it yourself? Call our certified arborists and we’ll come do it for you. I’ve already started a few seedlings inside with my new Nanodome, and the verdict is in – it’s the best seed starting kit ever! I’ve never used an easier, more convenient way to grow amazing seedlings. Last month we grew microgreens just to eat during the winter, and not only were they super easy, but delicious as well. I can’t wait to get some herbs going too. Don’t forget to check the calendar on our website regularly. There are lots of great reminders of what needs to be done in the garden and also it gives some heads up on what is happening at the store as well, ie. bare root sale, onion plants arriving dates, when the spring gardening guide comes out in the paper, and much more! There’s lots to do and so much more to come! Thanks for following us.