How to diagnose stress, insects & diseases

Watch as Mark walks you through the necessary steps to diagnose water stress, soil compaction, insects, and disease damage in a lawn. He also suggests a few ways to help control insects and diseases.

Controlling Grub, Billbug, & Sod Webworm in Lawns

Mark describes and shows examples of white grub, billbug, and sod webworm, and the type of damage that they do. He explains some good maintenance practices to help prevent them and also suggests some effective ways to stop their damage.

Tree Drench

Learn how to protect your trees from those pesky bugs.  Mark demonstrates the process.


Mark demonstrates the different sharpeners that are available at Anderson's Seed.  Keep your tools sharp for your plant's health and your sanity. 

Pruning Tools

Learn about the different tools that will make pruning easier.


Learn how to make a simple graft.  Mark demonstrates the process & tools.

Online Ordering

Order your seeds online this year.  Avoid the seed rush and have them shipped to your door.


Learn about a few of the garden fertilizers that we have to offer here at Anderson's Seed and Garden.

Starting Seeds

Save a little money and start you garden plants from seed! 

Early Planting

Explore the various ways of getting a head start on the planting season!
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Featured Products

Plastic Tray
Simple black plastic drain tray for seed starting inserts.

Seedlinger's Fertilixer
Seedlingers Plant Fertelixir is a universal, biological liquid fertilizer that aids in root generation, plant establishment & one that can also boost flower & fruit production.