Re-seeding lawn

Mark demonstrates for us how to repair patches in a lawn from seed.

How to re-seed a lawn

Mark demonstrates for us how to repair missing patches in lawn and planting new lawn from seed.

Spright (tm) All-Season Laser Lights

Mark gives us a glimpse of what Spright lights are capable of adding to a landscape or decoration theme.


Mark teaches about how to use Hand-Cages, a superb product that can be used on beans, cucumbers, melons, and many other veggeis as well as tomatoes.

Garden Hoses

Mark teaches us about garden and soaker hoses, showing the benefits of each one.

Mark Shows Off Dad's Garden 2015

Mark takes us on a tour around his master-gardener dad's garden. 

Christmas Montage 2014

A brief view of what we have in store for this holiday decoration season.  Come on down to see the full selection!

Christmas Open House 2014

Come to our Annual Open House, and check out the many many different decorations and holiday supplies to get everyone in the holiday spirit.  There will be prizes!

Snow to Go!

One of the new and exciting products we have this year is an artificial snow that lasts weeks, feels like real snow, and only needs water added!  Watch Mark's demonstration, then come in and check it out for yourself!

E.Z. Plug Christmas Trees

We have a new amazing tree line at Andersons Seed for Christmas.  Watch the video and be amazed!  It's amazing!
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Featured Products

Nanodome Indoor Seed Starting Kit
Sun Blaster's Nanodome makes growing indoors a breeze!  With a full-spectrum growing light included, this kid comes with everything you need to do sprouts, starts, or just winter indoor gardening whenever you want!

Plastic Seed Starting Inserts
Tray inserts for seed starting.  Select the cell count you want and enjoy planting!  We recommend using Fertilome Seed and Cutting Soil.