Fall Flower Bulbs

Plant fall bulbs for early spring color.

Protecting Plants From Frost

Learn some methods for extending your harvest by protecting your plants from the frost.

5-Step Lawn Program - Step 2

Proper care of your lawn will yield wonderful results.  Mark shows us some different options for late spring lawn fertilizer.

Weed Control

Learn about some of the weed control products we have to offer at Anderson's Seed and Garden.

Weedy Grass Control

Mark show us some ways to control weedy grasses in your flowerbeds and garden.

Tree Food & Insect Drench

Learn how to feed and protect your tree.  Stop aphids, correct iron chlorosis, improve the overall health of your favorite tree.

Preparing Garden Soil

Mark talks about ways to improve and prepare your garden's soil for the planing season.

Bulk Seeds & Seed List

Mark shows us the bulk seed list and walks through the process of weighing up our seeds.


Learn about growing your own sprouts.

Pruning Basics

In this video Mark shows us some of the tools, and basic techniques for pruning fruit trees.
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Featured Products

Plastic Seed Starting Inserts
Tray inserts for seed starting.  Select the cell count you want and enjoy planting!  We recommend using Fertilome Seed and Cutting Soil.

Jiffy Peat Pellet
This expanding Peatmoss Pellet gives seeds a framework to create strong root systems for stronger growth and transplanting power.