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Corn, Ambrosia (Bicolor)

An Anderson's Favorite! Ambrosia is a bicolor developed by Crookham Company for home garden, fresh market, roadside stand, and shipping. Ambrosia is a homozygous enhancer with supreme eating quality.
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Corn, Argent (White)

The ears tend to be smaller, but make up for their size with a very sweet, creamy flavor and uniformity.  Argent is superb for home garden, fresh market, roadside stand, and shipping.
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Corn, Bodacious (Yellow)

Bodacious is a truly homozygous sugar enhanced hybrid. Its wide adaptability in northern latitudes and consistent performance has made Bodacious the most popular variety in its class. It's excellent for the home garden, roadside stand and shipping.
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Corn, Delectible (Bicolor)

Delectable is a homozygous mid-main season bicolor with large well filled ears and dark green husk. Delectable exhibits a wide range of adaptability for home garden, fresh market, roadside stand, and shipping.  They are remarkably sweet and tender.
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Corn, Frosty (White)

A superior sugary enhancer type white sweet corn. Ears are tender and flavorful, 8 inches long with 16 rows of kernels. It is vigorous in growth and earlier maturing than other varieties of quality white sweet corn.
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Corn, Golden Cross Bantam (Yellow)

This variety made yellow sweet corn popular. When Burpee introduced it in 1902, people only wanted white corn.
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Corn, Growers Choice (Yellow)

A high yielding, mid-season "super sweet" hybrid has large, well filled ears that have very good tip cover. The eating quality is superior and holds over an extended period, on and off the stalk.
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Corn, Incredible (Yellow)

Incredible is an improved gourmet sweet corn that is superb.  This corn is excellent for home gardens, fresh markets, roadside stands, and shipping. Its wide adaptability has made it the most popular homozygous sugary enhanced variety in the world.
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Corn, Ka-Ching (Bicolor)

Ka-Ching (CSYBF7-258) is everything a grower desires in quality, ear size and yield. The plant has great health and architecture which translates into yield potential. It is rugged and adaptable with a large ear for its season.
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Corn, Miracle (Yellow)

A sugar enhanced (se) mid to late season yellow sweet corn with very large 9 1/2 inch ears with an average of 20 rows of butter yellow kernels.  Extra sweet and crisp kernels.  Cobs hold on to sweetness for long periods without turning starchy.
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