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Cabbage, Columbia

Columbia has a very round dense head on an opened framed plant. It holds well, has an excellent interior, and produces heads that weigh 2 to 3 lbs. Resistant to fusarium yellows and tipburn. Early-season variety.
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Cabbage, Copenhagen Market

Heavy producer. Large round heads 6-7 inches in diameter. Copenhagen produces good yields of 3 lb cabbage. It is very flavorful and tender. Heads rarely burst. Medium size cabbage is perfect for smaller home gardens. 70-80 days to harvest. 
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Cabbage, Danish Ballhead

An Anderson’s favorite.  Danish Ballhead is a heavy producing blue-green variety with large 6-7 inch round heads that often weigh 5 – 6lbs. Late fall and storage variety that is good cooked or raw in salads and coleslaw.
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Cabbage, Golden Acre

An early, uniform market cabbage, this popular cabbage is among the earliest of the round-headed varieties with yellows tolerance. The vigorous, medium green plant is very compact (about 11" tall), short-stemmed, with cup-shaped leaves.
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Cabbage, Late Flat Dutch

Plant produces heavy crops of huge 15 lbs heads of cabbage. One of the best winter keepers. Suitable for home gardens and market growers.
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Cabbage, Pak Choi

This widely grown Asian green, also called bok choy, has smooth green leaves and thick white leaf stalks. It is one of the most popular Asian vegetables and a main ingredient in chow mein and stir-fries.  Easy to grow, mild cabbage flavors.
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Cabbage, Red Rock

A popular late heirloom cabbage with deep purplish-red heads that are 8 inches in diameter. Weighs 6 to 8 lbs. It is red throughout and very flavorful! Excellent cooked, fresh in salads, or pickled.
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Cabbage, Savoy Perfection

A semi-savoy cabbage variety that produces very dense, round, 5 to 7 inch heads. Select this variety for the mid-season slot. Savoy cabbage is the most tender and sweet of the cabbage varieties with a deliciously distinctive flavor.
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