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Carrot, Atomic Red

This carrot is chalk full of healthy vitamins, minerals, and the antioxidant lycopene. Studies suggest that lycopene rich foods help prevent prostate and other types of cancer.
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Carrot, Cosmic Purple

With a purple skin and an orange center this sweet carrot makes a great addition to any garden or salad. It retains its color when cooked. This carrot grows to around 7" with a taper.
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Carrot, Imperator

Uniform, slim, and productive. The most widely-used variety for shipping and cello-pack. The roots are 9 to 10 inches long, slightly tapered to a nearly pointed tip, and are fine-grained, sweet, and tender. The smooth exterior is deep orange in color.
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Carrot, Little Finger

An "Amsterdam-type" carrot, is the number-one variety for growing high-quality "baby" carrots. When sown at high densities, produces delicious baby whole carrots with excellent color and outstanding quality.
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Carrot, Lunar White

Creamy moon-white carrots just glow in a salad or on the market stand.  Lunar white carrot is a hardy producer with mild, delicious and fine flavored flesh that typically grow 6-8 inches long.
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Carrot, Nantes Coreless

Because of strict, stock-seed maintenance, this variety produces a very uniform crop of medium length, cylindrical roots with blunt tips. An industry standard for eating quality, Scarlet Nantes is often used for the baby carrot and whole-peel markets.
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Carrot, Rainbow Mix

Rainbow blend is a festive mix of colors and flavors.  Mix of purple, yellow, red and orange carrots are sure to delight—each with their own unique qualities. Red offers a crisp texture and high levels of lycopene.
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Carrot, Royal Chantenay

Widely adapted. Royal Chantenay features high factory recovery, and is ideal for home, market gardens, and processors. The root is more cylindrical than Chantenay Red Cored and is fairly well stumped. The interior is reddish-orange in color.
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Carrot, Solar Yellow

A colorful addition to the garden or the dinner plate. Its roots are completely butter-yellow, with a crunchy texture and sweet, juicy flavor. Harvest when finger sized for eating raw. Older 6 to 7 inch long roots are best eaten cooked.
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Carrot, Sweetness Hybrid

One of our favorite carrots, Sweetness Hybrid produces excellent yields of 6 to 8 inch smooth fruits. Refined roots are bright orange, cylindrical in shape, and do not taper much from top to bottom. This is the sweetest and best tasting fresh carrot.
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