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Cucumber, Armenian

A long, slender fruit with a distinctive pale green color. Armenian Cucumbers are perfect for slicing because of their neatly scalloped ridges.
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Cucumber, Boston Pickling

Boston Pickling produces bright-green, 3 inch fruits that have black spines. Not only is this variety great for pickling, but also for salads when picked early.  Very high yields. Bears continually if kept picked. 52 days to harvest.
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Cucumber, Fanfare

An All-American award winner, Fanfare hybrid cucumber features a compact yet vigorous plant which produces high-quality fruits later into the growing season than other small-vined varieties extending the growing season.
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Cucumber, Homemade Pickle

These solid, crisp cucumbers were especially bred for making pickles.  The plants produce high yields of cucmbers with superb flavor.  The cucumbers can be picked early for small, sweet pickles or later for dill.
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Cucumber, Lemon

One of our favorite cucumbers! Not only for their unique lemon shape, but for their fine crunchy texture and non-bitter skins. Easy to grow like regular cucumbers with loads of two to three inch fruits from mid-summer to fall.
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Cucumber, Marketmore

Marketmore is one of the most widely grown slicer and salad varieties. Prolific 4-6 ft. vines. Dark green, smooth-skinned variety has sturdy skin that holds up well in packing and transportation.  These cucumbers grow between 8 to 9 inches long.
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Cucumber, Pioneer Pickling

More uniform than other pickling cucumbers. Our favorite picklers, Pioneer bears heavy yields of cucumbers on medium-sized vines.
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Cucumber, Spacemaster

Bush Spacemaster has fruits that are 6 to 8 inches long. No trellis is needed.  This space saving favorite has short bushy plants that grow great in containers. This cucumber does not need another pollinator and is resistant to mosaic virus and scab.
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Cucumber, Straight Eight

All-America Selections Winner! Plant produces high yields of 8" long dark green cucumbers. One of the best slicing cucumbers on the market. A favorite for home or market, fruits are straight and about 8 inches long.
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Cucumber, Sweet Slice

This is the only "burpless" cucumber with a sweet taste that is totally unique. Sweet Slice hybrid cucumber offers gardeners this excellent, sweet refreshing flavor in a monoecious hybrid.
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