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Wildflowers, All Annual Mix

This mix is made up of 27 species that are designed to provide wildflowers for one year. It is ideal for over seeding mixed beds where the annuals have not reseeded themselves or to rejuvenate a bed that has gone "flat".
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Wildflowers, Blues Brothers Mix

For many flower gardeners, blue is the preferred – albeit sometimes elusive - color of choice. Well, we’ve gone ahead and culled 10 of the most striking blue flowers and combined them in one mix.
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Wildflowers, Butterfly Mix

This mix is made up of 25 species that are formulated for brilliant colors and longevity to attract and keep the butterflies coming back day after day. The mix of 25 species is approximately 50% annuals and 50% perennials.
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Wildflowers, Deer Proof Mix

It’s probably fair to say that we all love Bambi, but in many regions of our country the deer population is frankly sometimes a nuisance, Cache Valley in particular.
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Wildflowers, Forever Pink Mix

We all know someone either whose memory we honor, a survivor and someone presently going through a diagnosis of Breast Cancer. It might be a family member, a dear friend, co-worker, boss, neighbor or just an acquaintance.
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Wildflowers, Hummingbird Mix

Create a back yard habitat that hummingbirds will love. This specially designed mixture of 16+ easy-to-grow wildflowers, includes 13 annuals for quick color. Works great for outdoor accents and water features.
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Wildflowers, Low Grow Mix

A mostly annual mixture that blooms quickly and stays below knee high. Great for containers, edging & fronting other plants.
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Wildflowers, Partial Shade Mix

This mix is designed for those hard to establish areas that are shaded. It will work very well with about 40% sunshine. All flowers do best in full sun, but this Partial Shade Mix will flourish and prosper with filtered sun.
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Wildflowers, Perennial Mix

This mix is made up of 17 species that will provide many colors for years of enjoyment. When fall planted, the flowers will blossom the following spring.
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