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Pitched Top

Protect your hive with this beautiful, galvanized steel pitched roof.
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Screened Bottom Board

Our signature Harvest Lane Honey Screened Bottom Board is engineered and designed by beekeepers for beekeepers. Screened bottom boards are used to provide ventilation to the hive.
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Smoker Peletts

1 lb. of Smoker Pellets. Used as an easy fuel source for all Harvest Lane Honey smokers. Use 1 Tablespoon of pellets for each use. We have found it helpful to initially light a single pellet and then place it inside the filled smoker.
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Standard Smoker 4x7

Our beekeeping friend used to say, "You don't have to use smoke. But the day you don't, you’ll know you should have.” We agree. Smoking your hive makes managing the bees inside easier.
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Plastic Tray
Simple black plastic drain tray for seed starting inserts.

Organic Microgreens
For all those that traverse the culinary realms that include microgreens, we haven't forgotten you. This all-organic option includes enough for two plantings of over 20 square feet.