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Bee Brush

This wooden bee brush with soft bristles will help you sweep bees away from your hive and gently remove bees from un-wanted spaces.
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Bottom Board

Harvest Lane Honey’s Solid Bottom Board is designed to fit 10 Frame Langstroth hives and last for up to 20 years. Spacing on the bottom allows for strapping your hive for transport or wind protection.
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Entrance Reducer

This entrance reducers fit 10 Frame Langstroth hives and seamlessly integrate with all Harvest Lane Honey bottom boards.
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Flat Top

Engineered and designed by Harvest Lane Honey, our Galvanized Steel Flat Beehive Top is made from high quality galvanized steel on a wooden base. It is ideal for use with standard 10 Frame Langstroth Hive and can withstand pressure over 2500 lbs.
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Hive Tool 9.5"

This 9.5" Hive Tool is a beekeepers most used tool. Made of steel with a pry and crow bar, it is instrumental in prying open your hive, separating frames from the hive and scraping off excess and wild comb.
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HLH Plastic Stand

Works with 10 frame hives.
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Inner Cover

This wooden Inner Cover with bee escape hole is moisture resistant and used as a protective cover over the hive to provide extra insulation.
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Miteaway Quick Strip

Mite-Away-Quick Strips requires a single application of two strips as a full dose to reduce the number of varroa mites for one season, or a single strip (half dose) to reduce the number of varroa mites for up to 6 weeks.
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Pitched Top

Protect your hive with this beautiful, galvanized steel pitched roof.
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Screened Bottom Board

Our signature Harvest Lane Honey Screened Bottom Board is engineered and designed by beekeepers for beekeepers. Screened bottom boards are used to provide ventilation to the hive.
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