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Potato, Norkota Russet

Arguably the most common potato, the Russet is a classic white flesh with tough, brown skin.  Traditional potato flavor with good keeping qualities.1 lb does 10 feet.
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Potato, Norland Red

Norland Potatoes grow larger and quicker than other potato varieties, giving a much earlier harvest.  Red, good-flavored flesh is comparable to the Red Pontiac.
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Potato, Pontiac Red

Popular red potato, can be harvested early as "baby reds" or "mini reds", or late as 5-6" spuds.  Delicious white flesh can be eaten pan-fried, baked, boiled, mashed, or however you like them!Mid-Late harvest.
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Potato, Red LaSoda

Another popular mid to late-season red, the LaSoda is known for dependable yields and good production under even the most unfavorable soil conditions.   Most tubers get between 4 and 7 inches across.
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Potato, Yukon Gold

A delicious, yellow flesh potato with such a rich taste, you'll swear it comes out of the ground buttered.  Heavy producer and large, oblong tubers, will grow well in most soil conditions.1 lb plants 10 feet.
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