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Grow More Organically Chelated Iron, 10%, HEDTA

High-clay soils are also usually high-alkalinity soils, which bind up free iron so it is not available to plants.  Chelated iron has a protection around the iron, allowing it to be absorbed into more plants more completely.
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Use in Container Plants, Hanging Baskets, Flower Beds & Vegetable Gardens• Use with New & Existing Plants • One Application Works up to 5 Seasons • Cuts Watering ...
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Jiffy Peat Pellet

This expanding Peatmoss Pellet gives seeds a framework to create strong root systems for stronger growth and transplanting power.
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Magnesium Sulfate

Contains a soluble source of Magnesium that is readily available to aid in correcting plant Chlorosis. Excellent for use on palms. Use to encourage white blooms on Hydrangeas.
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Muriate of Potash

An excellent source of potassium, which aids plants in forming healthy stems, roots and tuber growth. Great for below ground forming vegetables such as potatoes, carrots and others.
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Myke Tree and Shrub

Contains mycorrhizae, helps reduce transplant shock, and give enhanced root growth and establishment.
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Myke Vegetable Garden

Contains mycorrhizae to help boost that root strength giving it an enhanced establishment, and give you an abundant harvest.
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Nanodome Indoor Seed Starting Kit

Sun Blaster's Nanodome makes growing indoors a breeze!  With a full-spectrum growing light included, this kid comes with everything you need to do sprouts, starts, or just winter indoor gardening whenever you want!
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New Lawn Starter Fertilizer

 Designed to help grass seed and sod develop roots and mature stems before rapid growth begins. Allows sod to get established. Can be applied with grass seed or immediately after seed is sown. A must for new lawns. Coverage: 1,000 sq. ft.
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Over the Top II Grass Killer

Formulation: Poast Absorbed by Foilage and Travels Through Entire Plant Will Slow or Stop Growth Within 2 Days. Controls Annual and Perennial Grass Weeds.
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Plastic Tray
Simple black plastic drain tray for seed starting inserts.

Plastic Seed Starting Inserts
Tray inserts for seed starting.  Select the cell count you want and enjoy planting!  We recommend using Fertilome Seed and Cutting Soil.