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Dramm Hose Protector

Hose Protector
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Dramm One Touch Fan Nozzle (Assorted Colors)

Adjustable spray nozzle with a single touch.
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Dramm One Touch Shower & Stream (Assorted Colors)

Adjustable nozzle head for different stream. Also allows you to change water pressure with a single touch.
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Dramm Premium Rubber Hose (Assorted Colors)

50 ft long premium rubber hose
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Dramm Premium Soaker Hose

50 ft soaker hose
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Dramm Seedling Nozzle

The Seedling Nozzle allows you to water fragile plants, delicate seedlings or plant cuttings.
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Dramm Stake Impulse Sprinkler (Assorted Colors)

Adjustable stream trajectory, adjustable spray radius.
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Dramm Turret Sprinkler (Assorted Colors)

Align pattern dial with arrow to choose up to 9 different water patterns.
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Dramm Water Pistol (Assorted Colors)

Dramm water pistol, can use with a single hand giving you an easy adjustable water pressure.
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Dramm Whirling Srpinkler (Assorted School)

Stationary whirling sprinkler
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