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Gilmour Circle Pattern Spot Sprinkler

Circular pattern with an all metal construction. Coverage up to 30 ft. Diameter
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Gilmour Durable Brass Twist Nozzle

Adjustable spray pattern and water flow.
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Gilmour Female Hose Coupling

Female hose repair.
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Gilmour Flat Weeper Hose

Unique weeping action for gentle even watering
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Gilmour Hose Mender

5/8' x 3/4' Hose Mender
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Gilmour Leak Proof Adjustable Spray

Solid brass, double "O" ring seals.
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Gilmour Male Hose Coupling

Male hose repair.
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Gilmour Metal Bubbler

Water gently soaks ground without erosion. Ideal for delicate plants and new beds.
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Gilmour Spot Sprinkler (Assorted Colors)

Coverage up to 30ft x 30ft, metal square pattern.
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Gilmour Threaded Front Nozzle

Comfort grip, metal brass valve stem leak proof.
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