Garden Cress Planting Guide

Garden Cress Planting Guide

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Peppergrass, or Garden Cress, is a popular green added to soups, salads, or sandwiches. It is easy to grow and has a very quick growing season. Leaves are usually ready within 2 weeks after emergence, and planting several weeks in succession can allow for a constant harvest.


Broadcast planting or tight row planting works best. Garden cress can thrive in any soil type, as long as it is well-fertilized. Containers and window boxes can be used as well with liquid fertilizers such as Nutrigreen or Grow Big. Germination usually takes 2-7 days, however, in cold temperatures, it can take up to two weeks. Ideal germination temperature is 55-75 degrees Farenheit. For additional planting information (including when we recommend planting in Logan), reference our seed list.


Because it is a leaf crop, Cress grows best when the soil is kept constantly moist. When used in container gardens, more frequent watering is often needed.


Cress needs little fertilizer because the growing time is so short. However, we would recommend a quick water soluble or liquid fertilizer with nitrogen such as Baicor All-Purpose plant food or Seedlinger’s Fertelixer for an excellent organic alternative.


Aphids can get into young leaves, but can be easily controlled with Broad Spectrum Insecticide or Neem Oil. Flea beetles can also get into garden cress. Use row covers to help protect plants from early damage. Put in place at planting and remove when temperatures get too hot. Control weeds by using Treflan or Corn Gluten or by using weed barrier.


Clipping away old leaves from plants and leaving young leaves will allow the plants to continue growing and producing. Harvest leaves at least 2” long.


Varieties include Wrinkled Crinkle Crumpled (broad, spoon shaped leaves, resistant to bolting), Upland (winter cress, dark green leaves), Curly Cress (bright green, ruffled leaves), Broadleaf (peppery flavored leaves), Cressida, Presto, American, Persian, Cresicone Commune (bright green, spicy), Belle Isle (sow in August for fall and winter harvest), Pepper (spicy, peppery flavor), Persian (dark green leaves, mild flavor).  

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