Pluerry Growing Guide

Pluerry Growing Guide

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The Pluerry interspecific plum, a new fruit type from Zaiger’s Inc. Genetics, of Modesto California, is a complex Prunus hybrid which includes Japanese plum and sweet cherry in its lineage. With a dominant parentage of plum, the fruit is more likely to resemble a plum more than a cherry. Pluerry is a trademark of Dave Wilson Nursery of Hickman, California.


Sweet Treat

A unique interspecies hybrid of plum and cherry. The fruit has thin deep red colored skin with golden specks. The flesh is primarily yellow with an orange tint. It is the size of a large cherry. Early in the season, the fruit is crisp, somewhat tart, and not as sweet. When fully ripe, the fruit is extremely sweet, less tart and not as firm. You can often taste the flavors of plum, cherry, peach, and apricot.

Mature Height: 12’-15’
Mature Spread: 12’-15’
Sun Exposure: Full sun
Flavor: Sweet
Cooking/Storage: Good for cooking
Bloom Period: Late-March
Pollinator Required: Yes
Harvest Period: Early-August
Zones: 4-9

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