Weeds, weeds, weeds!

Weeds, weeds, weeds!

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Last week, when the sun came out for a few days, Ronnette and I decided it was way past time to get the weeds and grasses in the yard and garden under control. A few hours later, we had sprayed the lawn for dandelions and morning glory, killed grass in our perennial flowers, killed and prevented weeds in our roses and raspberries, and knocked out weeds and grasses growing in our patio, around the barn, and in front of the shed for the entire year. At that point, all we had to do was sit back and watch them all die. It took a few sunny days, but now it’s all turning yellow and looking ready for the compost pile. I’ll even share the details with you.

Lawn weeds invaded last summer after our very, very wet spring and set up shop in lawns all over the Valley. They’re back. I don’t think I’ve seen this many weeds in our yard since we planted our lawn in 1997-98. It’s crazy. I prefer to use Fertilome Weed Free Zone liquid for weed control, as it does not bother grass, but it is lethal to broadleaf weeds like morning glory, thistle, dandelions, mallow and many others. It even works amazingly well in daytime temperatures as low as 50 degrees. It’s a rare product that effectively kills the hardest to kill weeds even when the weather does not want to cooperate. If you prefer, it also comes in a weed and feed formula that will kill weeds and fertilize at the same time. Just make sure to apply when the grass is damp, leave it on for 24 hours, then water it in - otherwise it won’t kill weeds very well, and it could burn your grass. Make sure and follow directions! My weeds died in 2 days. It’s very satisfying.

Along with the weed control, it really is the perfect time to apply a second fertilizer (Step 2). Fertilome Greenmaker or 23-3-16 will get your lawn ready for the heat of summer which is just around the corner. Had to mow the lawn today, but it just looks so good after all that rain. Throw some fertilizer on between storms, and your’s will be prepped and ready for summer, too.

If you have grass growing in your perennial flowers, asparagus, raspberries, or bulbs - like many people do right now - there is hope. This year, the grass invading our flowerbeds has grown and expanded to heroic proportions. It’s everywhere. Fortunately, a cocktail of Fertilome Over-The-Top and Spreader Sticker will kill all of that grass without harming our valuable flowers, bulbs or vegetables. Be patient and persistent, it takes 2-3 applications over two weeks time. We’ve now sprayed our unwanted grasses 2 times, and every day I get excited to watch it turn yellow. I’ll give it one more week, and when it all turns yellow, it pulls out easily since the roots are all gone. I can’t wait.

Last year I just didn’t have the time to invest into keeping my mom’s rose garden looking good. After the horrific winter killed over 50% of her roses, I didn’t have the desire either. This year, things are looking much better after some pruning, a little fertilizer, and a healthy dose of Casoron herbicide. The Casoron will kill all weeds and grasses, but it won’t damage woody plants like trees or shrubs, or cane plants like roses or raspberries. It’s amazing! One application will last 6 months, kills all the weeds and grasses infiltrating your woody plants, and prevents new weeds from growing. There’s really nothing like it. Just make sure not to put it on your daffodils or ground cover perennials - they’ll be dead too. Mom would be proud to see her roses looking weed free and blooming like crazy again.

Burr buttercup and puncture vine have got to be the worst weeds ever. I don’t ever remember seeing them until the early 2000’s, and now they are everywhere. They have crept into my garden, patio, and just everywhere I don’t want them. One solution is Hi-Yield Killzall Extended. It has the power of Killzall to take out unwanted weeds and grasses, but also the pre-emergent to prevent new outbreaks before they start by killing the seed as it germinates. I use Killzall Extended. around our barn, gravel parking areas, on the perimeter of our garden, and especially in the pavers of our patio. It kills everything we spray it with, and stops new weeds from coming back for 4-6 months. One application saves me work all summer long.

It’s hard to express how a little work now can save so much time later in the season. If you need proof, just come look at all the dead weeds and grasses decorating my yard right now. There’s just not many things that satisfies as much as watching weeds curl up and die days after you’ve sprayed them. It’s almost as satisfying as chopping them to pieces with a hoe….

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