Pruning Basics

Learn about the tools and basic techniques for pruning your fruit trees. With proper pruning you can help the overall health and yeild of your fruit trees, both in size and quality.

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Bulk Vegetable and Flower Seeds

Organic, Heirloom, Hybrid, and more. Affordable prices in the quantities you need. Buy directly from us with our online shopping cart.

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Now is a great time for pruning.

Whether you have fruit trees, shrubs, shade trees or evergreens we have the information and tools to help you get the job done right.

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Starting Seeds Indoors

Get a jump start on the season. Start your seeds indoors.

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Protect your plants from the frost and extend the harvest!

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Growing A Garden Just Makes Sense

Find out more about storing, saving, and growing your own seeds, as well as how to prepare your garden for planting

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There Is No other Store like Us!

Customers know us as much for our information as for our seeds. No other store offers better service, and a more friendly and helpful staff and for better quality merchandise.


Got some of these creepy crawlers? Learn how to control these household pests.

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Deer Repellent

Keep your garden safe from the deer this spring!

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