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Seed Collection Certified Organic

Seed Collection Certified Organic

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1oz.Org Bluelake Pole Beans(100 seeds, covers approx 10ft.)

1oz.Org Oregon Sugar Pea(100 seeds, covers approx 5-6ft.)

1oz.Org Golden Bantam Corn(100 seeds, covers approx 50ft.)

1/32oz.Org 5-way Lettuce Mix(250 seeds, covers approx 15-20ft.)

1/8oz.Org Bloomsdale Spinach(300 seeds, covers approx 10-15ft.)

1/8oz.Org Nantes Coreless Carrot(1500 seeds, covers approx 10ft.)

1/16oz.Org Dark Green Zucchini(15 seeds, enough for 3 hills/15 ft)

1/8oz.Org Detroit Red Beet(150 seeds, covers approx 10-15ft.)

1/16oz.Org Yellow Sweet Spanish Onion(250 seeds, covers approx 10-15ft.)

1/16oz.Org Marketmore Cucumber(300 seeds, covers approx 10 hills/15ft.)

1/16oz.Org Black Magic Kale(300 seeds, covers approx 10-15ft.)

1/32oz.Org Hales Best Cantaloupe(40 seeds, enough for 6-8 hills/20-25ft.)

50mg.Org Beefsteak Tomato(20 seeds, 15-20plants)

1/32oz.Org Crimson Sweet Watermelon(15 seeds, enough for 3 hills/15ft.)

100mg.Org California Wonder Pepper(25 seeds,20-25 plants)

1/16oz.Org Waltham Butternut Squash(15 seeds, enough for 3 hills/15-20ft.)

16 of our MOST POPULAR HEIRLOOM, CERTIFIED ORGANIC VEGETABLES. Start growing your own garden and eating all natural vegetables grown right in your own backyard. Insede you will find enough seeds to grow a 500-750 square foot garden. OVER 3000 TOTAL SEEDS, AND OUR ONLINE PLANTING GUIDE. Our fresh, assorted heirloom seed pack has a large variety of common vegetable seeds, each stringently tested for their own high germination rates.Seeds are shipped inside a waterproof, resealable, foil lined pouch to maintain freshness and quality of the seeds. Each variety of seeds is packed in individual, waterproof, resealable zip-lick pouches. Included are easy instruction to find all our online planting guides in each pack. GREAT GIFT FOR BOTH EXPERIENCED AND NOVICE GARDENERS!

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