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Seed Collection Microgreens

Seed Collection Microgreens

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1/8oz. Red Rock Cabbage (500 seeds)

1/8oz. Calbrese Sprouting Broccoli

1/8oz. Thai Basil

1/16oz. Garden Cress (Peppergrass)

1/16oz. Mizuma Mustard

1/8oz. Siberian Sprouting Kale

1/8oz. Fordhook Swiss Chard

1/8oz. Gourmet Radish Blend

1/16oz. Lollo Rossa Lettuce

1/16oz. Buttercruch Lettuce

1/16oz. Astro Arugula

1/4oz. Sprouting Alfalfa

The Sweet & Spricy Microgreens Collection contain all the basic greens you need to grow your own fresh microgreens indoors. 12 of our most popular varieties of greens for sprout and microgreens. All thes varieties can easily be grown inside (takes about 2-3 weeks to harvest) throughout the winter months to enjoy fresh greens all year round. Use a standard 10"x20" tray with a full spectrum light or a Nanodome Greenhouse kit for a simp;le, easy and enjoyable indoor growing experience. Inside you will find enough seeds to grow 3-4 planting of each variety (20 square inches per planting). OVER 7000 TOTAL SEEDS, ONLINE PLANTING GUIDE. Our fresh Sweet & Spicy Microgreens seed pack contains a wide selection of seeds, each stringently tested for their own high germaination rates. Seeds are shipped inside a waterproof,resealable zip-lock pouches. Included are easy instructions to find all our online planting guides in each pack. GREAT GIFT FOR BOTH EXPERIENCED AND NOVICE GARDENERS!

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